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Promote the General Welfare

The purpose of our federal government, stated in the preamble of the Constitution of our Republic, is to PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE.  The pursuit of happiness is provided us by the Declaration of Independence.  This means that each individual is free to pursue whatever productive activities which makes them happy.

End the Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve is a private entity which was established by a covert action on Christmas Eve, 1913.  As a central bank, it is unconstitutional and must be ended. 

Establish the Third National Bank

Our constitution gives Congress, and only Congress, the responsibility to utter credit.  This is most effectively done using a National Bank. 


Provide Credit for Major Infrastructure

Our great nation was built by private enterprise providing infrastructure as well as manufacturing.  These enterprises are most effectively funded through national credit with the intention of promoting the welfare of all Citizens.


Restore our Sovereignty

We are a sovereign nation, populated by sovereign individuals.  Today, our nation has been hijacked by financial entities which have only interest is profit.  Returning to the American System of Political Economy will allow our population to thrive, free to pursue their happiness.


Ned Nuerge for Congress
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