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Meet Ned

Ned Nuerge is an elder statesman who has dedicated his life to promoting the General Welfare- providing for the well-being of every person in [our community,] our country, indeed in the world.

Ned began life as the son of a farmer in rural Indiana, learning much about how the physical world functions, as well as about hard work.  He went on to various trades- paramedic, house-painter, copy business manager, minister, tour bus driver, instructor of professional drivers, expert witness, and father.  He applied his committed work ethic to each of these endeavors.  Ned’s avocation is that of a teacher, able to communicate skills and principles in an effective way for people to learn them.

In 1994, at a DMV site, Ned was introduced to Lyndon LaRouche and began his study of history and of the science of physical economy.  It was through Mr. LaRouche’s speaking that Ned came to his now life-long commitment to the General Welfare.  This does not mean providing hand-outs.  Promoting the General Welfare means providing the people with the means to pursue a life worth living.

Over the last number of years, Ned has become acutely  aware of the shortcomings of our elected officials, as evidenced by the hunger, homelessness, fatal drugs, and crime so prevalent in our communities in the Bay Area, California, and the United States.  Ned has engaged his City, County, State, and Federal electeds with criticisms and counter proposals.  All have been rejected.  These presently serving electeds are beholden to large, private financial interests, not to their constituents.  Ned is running for Congress today to right these wrongs by calling on those very constituents to become involved in the work of our Republic as intended and required by our Constitution.

Ned Nuerge for Congress
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